The BATI Flexitank Department has been providing innovative logistics solutions for global chemical companies and producers of liquid goods.

What is a flexitank Container and how is it used?

A flexibag is installed in a 20-foot container (which can be provided by us upon request) in approximately 30 minutes. The installation of the flexibag can be performed in BATI’s warehouse or at any requested place of loading. Once the flexibag is installed, the flexitank container is ready to be loaded with cargo by connection with a hose and by use of a pump. The loading process takes approximately 20-40 minutes, depending on the respective type of cargo and pump.

After completion of the loading process, the container is ready for transportation. The container can be transported by road, railway, or sea and delivered to any destination worldwide. Once the flexitank container has reached its final destination, it can be unloaded quickly and without enduring any loss of cargo by simply using a pump. After the unloading is completed, the flexi bag will be disposed of.