BATI is a market leader when it comes to chemical and liquid transportation. BATI has its own warehouses with its own team to store ISO tank containers and prepare them for our customers. For dangerous liquids BATI gives service with its own ISO tank containers and its worldwide tank agencies.

The BATI ISO Tank Container department was founded in 2005.  BATI became the first operating Turkish member of ITCO (International Tank Container Organization) in May 2007. Our own fleet consist of 216 units of T11-T12 coded stainless steel tank containers with sizes ranging from 24.000 to 26.000 liters. We represent many global ISO tank container operators in Turkey.


  • Cleaning and Certificating
  • Inspection and Repairs
  • Empty & Laden Iso Tank Storage
  • Bonded & Free Storage Terminals
  • Fleet Service Management Control
  • Insurance & Claims Administration
  • Customs Clearance of Foreign Flag Containers
  • Gas Free Certificating
  • Long Term & Short Term Volume Contracts